Our mission is to eliminate corneal blindness worldwide by 2040

Millions of people around the world struggle to live with corneal blindness—the loss of sight caused by damage to the surface of the eye.

It's a treatable condition with a clear solution: a corneal transplant. Yet a shortage of transplant tissue and insufficient surgeon training keep over 10 million men, women and children in the dark.

We're here to change that.


At SightLife, we're making more life-changing transplants possible. It's work that requires a continued collaboration between surgeons, technicians, hospital administrators, donor families and recovery partners across the world. We’ve been doing this since 1969 when SightLife was created by the Lions Service Organization.

To rapidly accelerate our mission, SightLife launched a for-profit subsidiary, SightLife Surgical, in the fall of 2016 to generate the resources and solutions needed to meet this enormous, but achievable challenge. SightLife became a combination non-profit and for-profit organization with a singular mission: to eliminate corneal blindness worldwide by 2040.

Expanding our efforts through SightLife Surgical does not change who we are. It makes us stronger. We continue to honor donor families and the gifts of sight their loved ones share to make cornea transplants possible. SightLife Surgical carries on our commitment to providing the highest-quality corneal tissue for transplant to surgeons and their patients.

SightLife Surgical is also pushing boundaries to transform the corneal ecosystem. Learn more.

How We Do It:

Together, SightLife and SightLife Surgical are the largest providers of corneas for transplant in the world with deep experience in all aspects of eye banking and corneal transplantation. From eye donation to evaluation to transplant, we're there, working closely with hospitals, donor families, recipients and surgeons to provide the most advanced and efficient technologies available.

The Choice To Donate:

It's empowering for families that have donated their loved one's corneas to know that one generous donor will offer two people the gift of sight. At SightLife, we educate and counsel grieving families and work closely with hospitals and other donation partners to offer as many families as possible the opportunity to donate.

Every Cornea Matters:

During the recovery process, SightLife’s highly-trained technicians take a hands-on approach to personally assess, preserve and transport each donor's gift with care and precision, in a timely manner, to ensure the best outcome. A donor’s gift is never taken for granted.

Because there's urgency with all donations, SightLife and SightLife Surgical medical personnel are available 24 hours a day to meet the needs of corneal recipients around the world. Donated corneal tissue is safely transported to SightLife Surgical laboratories where technicians promptly process it according to surgeon specifications and the exact needs of each transplant recipient.

Restoring Sight Around The World:

By sharing our industry-leading approach with our global partners, SightLife and SightLife Surgical are helping to build successful local corneal transplant programs around the world. Corneal transplant tissue centers, or eye banks, are improving their processes and growing to meet demand. Surgeons are learning the latest techniques to enhance outcomes. And thousands of people are seeing again—with millions more to come.