Here’s what you need to know about this exciting transition.

We’re changing to better serve your needs.

It’s been almost two years since OSI and SightLife joined forces. Over this time, we have learned a tremendous amount about each other’s organizations. We have discovered areas for us to combine resources and create a more efficient structure, such as around our brands. We are taking the next step by fully bringing the two organizations under a single entity, SightLife.

While the OSI name will change to SightLife, customers will continue to receive the same service as before. You will request and be offered tissue the same way. You will work with the same staff as you did before. You will call the same numbers as you’ve always used. The only thing you will notice is the change in our name!

Surgeon Quick-Links

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Contact us

You can reach us at our same location and phone number or through our new email address.

101 North Chestnut Street, Ste 303
Winston-Salem, NC 27101
United States of America

336-784-4603 (main)